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About us

Crisalia Pension is located in the heart of Transylvania, in the village of Sibiel

The nature, the mountains, the plains, the clear waters are the attractions that define the border line of Sibiu. Sibiel is certainly the place where you can become a greedy admirer of the beauties of Sibiu surroundings.
The villagers say that the Saxons are the ones who taught them the art of promoting the local values. They are proud of their Bukovina and they make every tourist who visits the village to love their simplicity and their history.

A modern Pension in the borders(Marginimea) of Sibiu.

The guest house is meant to be rented. That’s why it’s perfect for groups of friends, family gatherings, detox camps, various workshops, teambuilding activities, and other events. During the summer, the meal can be served on a terrace ornamented with traditional details, where the perfectly lighted arches transpose you into another world, a careless world and free of daily worries.

The services offered by our pension reach the highest standards, our guest house being rated with 5 daisies by the Ministry of Tourism.

Crisalia Pension was reopened in December 2018 after 10 months of renovation, as a consequence of the investment received from European funds. The investment aimed to fully modernize the 7 rooms of the guest house,the bathrooms, the dining room and the spa.

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