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Located 23 km away from Sibiu, and crossed by the riverbed with the same name, Sibiel is part of 17 other settlements in the Marginimea Sibiului(Sibiu Borders) area. Located in the South-West part of Sibiu County, in the immediate neighborhood of the/ near the of the Saxon Culture Center of Transylvania – Sibiu -, the area iss the shelter of an ethnological, cultural, architectural and historical heritage. According to the typical Saxon settlement, the houses are located next to each other, inspiring sobriety and prosperity. The cobblestone roads that are weaving through the houses and along the river and the traditional and the rustic arhitecture make this settlement one of the most picturesque areas, visited by tourists in any season.

Other attractions for tourists

  • The Museum of Glass Icons
  • “Sf.Treime” Church –
  • Troitele
  • Cultural House
  • “La Chilii” Monastery
  • The Salgo Citadel

Gura Raului

Gura Raului
Just 6 km away from Sibiu the reservoir Gura Raului can be found, a place formed after the construction of the dam which was bulid in 1981. The dam has a height of 72 m and is located at the altitude of 550 m where a ski slope with a length of 480m can also be found.

Poiana Sibiului

One of the most picturesque settlements in Marginimea Sibiului the village of Poiana Sibiului, located 15 km away from Sibiel, has preserved, since ancient times, the shepherd’s traditions. For this reason, a very long time, the Union of Shepherds in Romania had its headquarters here/ in this village. Under the Communist regime, the locals of Poieni were considered the richest people from our country. In Sibiu, there are several historical and tourist attractions of real interest: the Orthodox Wooden Church, dedicated to the Assumption of the Mother of God (The Church on the Hill), the Church of Vadu, the Village Museum.

Other attractions for tourists:

  • The Saxon Fortified Church in Cristian
  • Transalpina
  • Ocna Sibiului